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Our History

Darrel Lilly invented the Fast Arch in 1991 and received patent number 5572834 in 1996.  Darrel created the Fast Arch System for use in his own custom home building company.  He used his skills and machinery from a previous enterprise, which was a custom sheet metal fabricator.  While an expert in working with sheet metal and a whiz at math, Darrel happily admits his framing skills were limited.  To overcome that lack, he created a way to make arches faster and more consistent.  In fact, he designed the basic Fast Arch System in less than a day!  While he's made improvements in the construction process, that first concept is still in use today.

In the beginning, it was a one man operation located in a little 900 square foot facility.  Darrel's first goal was to produce and sell 200 arches per month. It only took three months to reach that goal.  As builders discovered how the Fast Arch System would save them both time and money while improving their finished product, we quickly outgrew that little space.

Those same builders needed other curved solutions.  So our Arches were quickly joined by Niches, Radius-Track walls, and a large number of complex Ceiling designs, all custom created for your project.  As you look around the site, you'll find lots of ideas to inspire your next project.

Currently, Fast Arch of America Inc. has 21 full time employees and a 5,000 square foot facility.  We're already planning for a 10,000 square foot facility.  Our customer list has driven that expansion and we currently serve 73 various subdivisions for four national tract home builders, a number of regional tract home builders and several custom home builders.  And that is just in the Phoenix Metro area!  We also have hundreds of customers nationally. Fast Arch Systems are used in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Today, we produce and sell over 4,250 arches per month.

There's A Reason We Named The Company Fast Arch...

Darrel undertands that the company's success and growth hasn't come from just having a great product.  It also takes a commitment to great service.  As a former home builder, he knows the pressure of keeping a project on track.  Today's builders work on tight schedules. That's why Fast Arch of America ships most orders within 48 hours.  Complex custom orders that require different grade metal and special layouts are shipped in less than 5 days.

Our construction process is designed for easy shipping, and our product is lighter and more compact that any other product on the market.  We send everything via UPS, which means you have the option to get it delivered overnight if needed.  And since we have several manufacturing facilities across the country, you save even more because you'll be shipping a shorter distance.

Installing a Fast Arch is easy and FAST.  A typical arch installs in under 3 minutes.  Even our most complicated ceilings go together in just a few hours.

We're Faster Before We Start...

We didn't stop at making it fast and easy to build with our products, but we also simplified getting started.  Fast Arch of America has developed a simple way of getting your order done, too.  You don't need to do any difficult mathematical computations to place an order.  You don't need to figure radius calculations, complex details, product codes, or provide drawings.  Using our unique, copyrighted Fast Arch System, you just provide 3 simple measurements and a single word telling us what kind of curve to use.  Our custom computer programs do the rest and assure you of a consistent product.

By keeping it simple, you get the arch you need every time - which saves you money by keeping your project moving forward.  Placing your order is simple, too - just download a blank quote form and fax it back...or you can download an Excel spreadsheet to use on your laptop... or you can use our simple online form.

We'll Save You 20-70%!

From simplified ordering and measuring, to fast turnaround time, custom design with no setup fees, cheaper & shorter shipping and speedy installation, we're going to save you money while we speed your project up. In fact, multiple tests have confirmed the cost efficiency, accuracy, consistency and versatility of the the Fast Arch System.  When you choose the Fast Arch System, your cost difference is 20-70% less than any other method or product - including field framing in wood or metal.

Remember, Fast Arch of America Inc. is able to produce "Any Shape, Any Size, Any Time." The next time you are in a framing situation and need an arch, niche, ceiling or anything else with a curve, head straight to Fast Arch of America.

Oh, and we love challenges.  Just call us at 602-272-1110.