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Ellipse Arch

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Fast Arch of America's Eclipse ArchEllipse arches are similar to flat arches but curve to a vertical direction at the outside edges instead of joining the uprights at an angle.  An ellipse is really half of an oval. It's a polished look that can be used in arched passageways and passthroughs.

Ellipse Arches are very complex mathematically with a layout that uses two center points.  The traditional method of laying one out involves a loop of string, a couple of nails and a drawing tool.  Of course, that's a very time consuming and inaccurate solution.

At Fast Arch, we've done all the computations, all you need to do is give us a few simple measurements for your arch.  Tell us how wide your arch needs to be and what the drop is going to be.  We'll run the numbers and create a perfect ellipse arch for you.  And if your project needs more than one arch, they'll all be consistently right...even if they're different sizes.