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Ellipse Arch - Installing a Fast Arch

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Installing an Eclipse Arch

How to Install an Eclipse Arch









The Arch Code is written on the throat of each arch and it will tell you the size of the arch.  For example, an Arch Code of 42/8 is meant to fit a 42 inch wide opening and create an arch with an 8" drop.

Installing a Fast Arch is quick and easy:

  1. Get the Drop measurement from the Arch Code.  It's the second number in the code.  Measure down from the bottom of the upper framing member the distance of the Drop plus 1/2 inch.  Draw a squared line across the inside face of the vertical framing member.
  2. Repeat on the opposite side framing member.
  3. Slip the half-arch over the framing members and align the 1/2" tail with the squared line.  Make sure the arch is snugged firmly to the framing members at both the peak and tail.
  4. Insert a screw or drive a nail through the nailing flange near the bottom (indicated as Nail #1 in the illustration).
  5. Again making sure that the half-arch is snug to the horizontal framing member, place a screw or nail through the top nailing flange near the peak (indicated as Nail #2).
  6. Place a third nail or screw at the outermost corner (indicated as Nail #3).
  7. Move to the backside of the opening and repeat the procedure with 3 more fasteners.
  8. Slip the second half-arch over the framing members, aligning the tail with the squared line.
  9. Drive nails or screws at points 4, 5 & 6 (as indicated by the illustration above)
  10. Repeat on the back side.

Important Notes:

  • There may be an overlap or gap of up to 1" between the two half-arches. The final appearance of the arch will not be affected.
  • For even easier installation on wood framing, Fast Arch has designed a double-faced magnetic hammer.  A 3/4" roofing nail can be driven through the arch nailing flange and into the wood with a single stroke.  This tool allows even very large arches to be installed by a single person and speeds installation time.  For more information on this tool and its availability, please call us.