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Flat Arch

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The Flat Arch from Fast Arch of America

The Flat Arch from Fast Arch of AmericaA Flat Arch is a curve extends beyond the ends of the opening.  It joins the uprights at a sharp, nearly perpendicular angle.  It's often used for wide openings.  We also have Ellipse Arches and Half-Round Arches.

Fast Arch of America makes creating a flat arch a simple process.  It starts with just 3 simple measurements.  There's no computation involved - we handle all of that for you.

When you get your Arch Kit, you'll find two halves to the arch.  Just 12 nails later and you're done.  After you've put in one or two, it'll be easy to put them up in under 2 minutes each.

Of course, at Fast Arch of America we're always ready to do something a little unusual.  Need a really big arch?  Our motto is "Any, Size, Any Shape, Any Time."  Give us a a chance to prove it.


A Gallery of Flat Arches

Clicking on any of the images will bring up a larger version.

If you're looking for something with more curve, explore our other main types of arches: Ellipse Arches and Half-Round Arches.

What comes in an Arch Kit from Fast Arch of America?