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RAI - Radiused Angle with Inside Length

rai-mainOur Radiused Angle with an Inside Leg is great for creating a dome light coveHere's another problem solver from Fast Arch:  A simple way to create a Light Cove for a Dome.

We make a lot of domes here at Fast Arch of America.  A lot of domes have a chandelier or other light fixture hung in the oculus (top center).  Another way to show off the drama of a dome is with a light ring.  You just create a tray around the outside edge of the dome and put a rope light of some other indirect light source that shines up into the dome.

Before we came up with the RAI, that tray was a hassle.  It took a lot of playing around with to put up.  So we made an easy way to get the job done fast.  If you're looking at creating a dome, you definitely want to think aobut adding a Radiused Angle with an Inside Leg to our order.

How to Measure and Order a Radiused Wall Track: RAI

Our Radiused Angle with an Inside Leg is great for creating a dome light cove

Download our printable (pdf) Curved Product Guide, which will show you the different ways we can help you create curved walls of any kind..


The Fast Arch Radiused Angle with Inside Leg can be built to any radius you need.  Literally.  The RAI is based on the radius to the inside leg.


This will affect your lighting options.  How big will your tray need to be?  We normally build the RAI to a width between 2-1/2" all the way to 12".


The measurement of the height of the side flange.  For the RAI, we normally make the leg 1-1/4".


How long will your curve be?  That is the length.  Our RAI products are available in segment lengths of up to 144".  If you're doing a whole dome, we'll send it in several segments to make it cheaper to ship and easier to install.


We'll use the gauge you desire, from 25 to 14 gauge sheet metal.

A Gallery of Curved Wall Tracks

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