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ZRT - Radiused Wall Track with Reversed Leg

The Radius Wall Track with a reversed leg is perfect for nested soffits.Curved Soffits are no problem with our Radiused Wall Tracks.  But building nested soffits did pose some problems.

A couple of years ago a builder asked if there was a better way of doing nested soffits.  We looked at his problem and decided the answer was easy...just turn the leg around!  So that's what we did.

If you're trying to build nested soffits, the ZRT is the answer.

Got something you need help with?  At Fast Arch of America, we're always looking for a challenge!

How to Measure and Order a Radiused Wall Track: ZRT

The Radius Wall Track with a reversed leg is perfect for nested soffits.

Download our printable (pdf) Curved Product Guide, which will show you the different ways we can help you create curved walls of any kind..


The Fast Arch ZRT can be built to any radius you need.  Literally.  The ZRT is based on the radius to the inside leg.


The web width measurement is based on how thick you want the nested soffit to be.  We build ZRT's from 1-1/2" all the way to 16" thick.


The measurement of the height of the side flange.  We normally make this 1-1/4".


How long will your curve be?  That is the length.  Our ZRT products are available in lengths of up to 144".  If you need a longer length, no worries, we can provide as many segments as you need to create whatever you have designed.


We'll use the gauge you desire, from 25 to 14 gauge sheet metal.

A Gallery of Curved Wall Tracks

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