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Barrel Ceiling

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Barrel Ceilings from Fast Arch of America look Great!Barrel Ceilings are like a deep arch.  With the Fast Arch Barrel Ceiling System, they go up fast and accurately, giving your finished ceiling a fabulous look.

Installing a Barrel Ceiling with the Fast Arch System is just like putting up several arches - luckily, a Fast Arch goes up in just a minute or two, so you can do average hallways in about 15 minutes or large rooms with a barrel ceiling in an hour or two.

As great looking as a Barrel Ceiling is, there are also times when you will want something a little fancier.  Check the Barrel Ceiling Gallery to see some of the ways we can add some flourish to the standard barrel ceiling.  Perhaps you need a barrel for a hallway that curves...or a barrel that ends in a dome...or how about a barrel that not only curves down the hallway but also goes up a curving stairway - changing directions in more than one plane.  We can do it...and you'll find proof in our Barrel Ceiling Gallery.

Barrel ceilings can have the same profile as a Flat Arch, Ellipse Arch or a  Half-Round Arch.



A Gallery of Barrel Ceilings

Clicking on any of the images will bring up a larger version.

At Fast Arch of America, we make many different types of ceilings. Explore our Recessed Ceiling Domes, Oval Ceiling Domes, Fancy Groined Ceilings and don't miss our gallery of Cathedral and Specialty Ceilings.  If you can dream it, we can make it!