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Groin Ceiling

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How To Ceiling: Groin DomesA Groin Ceiling is simply spectacular.  The intersecting curves catch light and shadow in unexpected ways and the eyes are drawn to the fascinating interaction.  At Fast Arch of America, we've harnessed the science behind the art and made it easy to build.

A groin is simply the interestion of two or more domes.  There is a rib, called a groin, at this intersection.   Finding the right intersection and the angles of the curves can drive a geometry professor to tears.  But with Fast Arch of America's Groin System, you can install a fabulous Groin Ceiling in just a couple of hours.  We take all the work out of it, but still let you take credit.

A groin ceiling kit from Fast Arch of America is much smaller than you might imagine.  We supply the "C" members, these are the arches that create the groins and the Wall Arches that are the guides on the outside walls.

In the illustration, the groin ceiling is a combination of four barrels that intersect diagonally.  We can use groins to combine domes and barrels in any combination you can dream up.  In fact, we may have already done it!  Take a look at the gallery for Specialty and Cathedral Ceilings to see some of the spectacular effects we've created and to get some inspiration.

A Gallery of Groined Ceilings

Clicking on any of the images will bring up a larger version.

At Fast Arch of America, we make many different types of ceilings. Explore our Recessed Ceiling Domes, Barrel Ceilings, Oval Ceiling Domes, and don't miss our gallery of Cathedral and Specialty Ceilings.  If you can dream it, we can make it!