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Recessed Ceiling Dome

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Recessed Ceiling Domes are quick and easy to install.Fast Arch of American takes the work out of ceiling domes.  We can create domes in any size or shape - and your dome will turn out perfect every time.

A dome is simply a series of arches that rotate around a center point. Your dome can have a flat profile, ellipse profile or even a half-round profile.  To get a better idea of profiles, take a look at our arches pages.  Ceiling domes can be installed in just about any room - including rooms that are already finished - and you don't even have to tear down the current ceiling to do it.   If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you can do just about anything...but we've even done shallow domes in existing 8 foot rooms.

How long does it take to put up a dome using the Fast Arch Dome Ceiling System?  A 96" dome can be installed and ready to sheet-rock in about an hour!   Speaking of sheet-rocking.  You'll love our dome designs because we provide more support and surface area for installing the sheet goods.  And our structural elements are consistent in spacing so you won't spend a lot of time fitting the sheetrock either.

Fast Arch has designed everything you need to make your ceiling dome really special...including light rings that give you a 4-8 inch overhang at the bottom of the arch.  That leaves you just the right amount of space for installing a ropelight or other lighting to really show off the depth.  We also can create have radius track footer and headers for your rooms, so your curves are perfectly matched and done in minutes instead of hours.  The options are endless, but let's mention one more...curved soffits can extend the theme of the dome into other areas.  We've got the perfect product to help you make a curved soffit,  or even nested curved soffits.

We can also do interesting fluting to really get spectacular light and shadow effects.  Read more about them on our Cathedral Ceiling | Specialty Ceiling page.  Or compound domes, where a shallow dome suddenly becomes a deeper dome - sort of a dome within a dome.  And your dome doesn't have to be round either, we do oval ceilings, barrel ceilings with half domes at the end, just about anything you can dream up, we can build for you.  Take a look at our galleries on each of the dome pages to get more ideas.  You'll see why we say Any Size, Any shape, Any Time!



A Gallery of Recessed Ceiling Domes

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At Fast Arch of America, we make many different types of ceilings. Explore our Barrel Ceilings, Oval Ceiling Domes, Fancy Groined Ceilings and don't miss our gallery of Cathedral and Specialty Ceilings.  If you can dream it, we can make it!